Forever Young Basketball will have two different levels of teams this Winter through Summer. AAU competitive and a developmental team. Teams will practice two to three times a week in our Hempstead or Valley Stream location. Try outs will be held and teams formed. If you do not make the competitive team you will be placed on the developmental team with a less competitive schedule but will still compete every other week.

Updated try out dates coming soon for are Hempstead location.


One thing I can definitely say about Forever young basketball is that it’s not just training, it’s family. Always there to push you and more importantly always there to make you better through the ups and downs of the game. The trust and confidence I have in Coach Ron to get myself better is why I am a part of the Forever young basketball family and why I encourage others to be apart as well.

Melvin Ejim

There is a reason why I never miss the chance to work with the Forever young basketball family. Coach Ron’s workouts are elite and tailor made for improvement. He creates an environment where you are pushed to your limits, improving your weaknesses, perfecting your strengths all while competing against the best.

Shay Berry